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J&K Brassiere Co., Limited is a newly-established company, which is founded by two recent university graduates in Hong Kong. It focuses on creating and providing a unique body-to-bra matching service that uses artificial intelligence. First, the customer will input her body data online. The body
data generated will be used to conduct a computer matching with a pre-set product data. Subsequently, a list of recommended lingerie will be generated and be shown on our website. In essence, by a one-off measuring, customers are no longer required
to visit retail stores' fitting room and can shop best-fit lingerie online so long as their body figure remains approximately the same. This aims to solve the wearing-the-wrong-bra-size problem that 80% of the women in the world have, as well as to cure the fitting
concern for online lingerie purchase.

J&K Brassiere Co., Ltd
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Hong Kong
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